Getting started

Settings Page & Default Recipe Configurations

On the plugin’s settings page, you can make different adjustments to your recipes and enable or disable specific features.

Global settings vs. per-recipe settings

It’s important to keep in mind that some options will have an effect only on new recipes and in recipes where specific options were not changed (e.g., recipe style, primary color).

Here’s a list* with options available both in the Plugin’s Settings page and in individual recipes in the Recipe Card Block settings (right sidebar):

  • Recipe card style
  • Primary color

Recipe Card Settings tab:

  • Display Print Button
  • Display Pinterest Button
  • Display Author
  • Display Equipment
  • Display Unit Conversion
  • Display Nutrition Facts

Recipe details:

  • Display Course
  • Display Cuisine
  • Display Difficulty

Recipe details:

  • Display Servings
  • Enable Adjustable Servings
  • Display Cooking Time
  • Display Calories

If you change the value of one of these options in an individual recipe, then future changes you make to that option in the plugin’s settings page might not affect that recipe. This is the case mostly when changing the recipe style, disabling a specific detail like “Display Calories”, etc.

For example, if you have changed a specific recipe’s primary color, you can no longer control the primary color of that recipe using the Settings page.

If you want to keep the same set of configurations and be able to easily make changes to all recipes at once in the future, we recommend making as few as possible changes to the above options in individual recipes and instead control all of them at once using the Settings page.

Please note that many options will be applied only to new recipes added after saving the changes in the settings page. You may have to manually edit old recipes if you want to make a specific change everywhere.

* Our plugin is updated frequently with new features, so the chances of missing a specific option in this list are very high.

Last updated on May 23, 2023
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