= 5.3.4 = – August 9, 2023

  • Minor bug fix with the Recipe Roundup block

= 5.3.3 =

  • Fixed compatibility with WordPress 6.3 and Gutenberg
  • Performance improvements

= 5.3.2 =

  • Minor bug fix with the Equipment feature

= 5.3.1 =

  • Minor bug fixes

= 5.3.0 =

  • New Dashboard widget showing recent votes and most popular recipes
  • Redesigned the All Recipes page
  • Show zero values in the nutrition list
  • Added notice to install or activate the WPRM Plugin before importing recipes

= 5.2.2 =

  • New feature: Display automatically recipe rating stars at the beginning or end of posts (Settings > Ratings)
  • Multiple improvements and fixes on the Elementor integration
  • Display Recipe ID in the list with all recipes
  • Fixed the issue with the title of the images in the directions
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements

= 5.2.1 =

  • Bug fix in the Roundup block

5.2.0March 24, 2023

  • The long-awaited recipe importer is here! You can now easily import all or individual recipes created using WP Recipe Maker to Recipe Card Blocks. More importers will be available in future updates!
  • Added a new Nutrition Facts section at the bottom of the recipe card blocks.
  • Added a new Recipe Rating block and shortcode to display the recipe rating anywhere on a page: [wpzoom_rcb_rating]
  • Improvements to the Recipe Roundup block

5.1.0January 18, 2023

  • New: Submission Form block – let your visitors submit recipes to your website
  • Improvements to the Recipe Roundup block. It supports adding external recipes from other websites
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements

5.0.3 December 1, 2022

  • Bug fix with Schema.org markup

5.0.2 October 14, 2022

  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements

5.0.1 October 4, 2022

  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements

5.0.0September 9, 2022

  • New: Unit Conversion (US Customary ↔ Metric system) (available for holders of Professional or Business licenses)
  • New Skin: Mint
  • Numerous improvements to the design of the existing skins
  • Improvements to the social footers
  • Improvements to buttons at the top
  • Fixing compatibility issues with Gutenberg
  • Added the Cook Mode feature in the Elementor widget
  • Multiple other improvements & bug fixes

4.4.6 June 28, 2022

  • Added the Equipment feature in the Elementor widget
  • Adjustments to the access provided to the Recipes section for different User Roles. Contributors, Authors, and Editors will have access to create new Recipes posts.
  • Fixed an issue with the post title in Recipe posts
  • Fixed a bug with the image caption
  • Fixed a conflict with the RankMath plugin
  • Fixed a conflict with the latest Gutenberg changes

4.4.5 – June 1, 2022

  • New: Add a caption for recipe image
  • Added “ItemList” Schema markup to the “Insert Existing Recipe(s) (summary)” block.
  • Minor bug fixes

4.4.3May 6, 2022

  • Fixed some issues with the Equipment feature
  • Fixing a conflict with the star icons and 3rd party themes


  • Minor bug fix on older PHP versions


  • Minor bug fix

4.4.0April 28, 2022

  • New Feature: Recipe Equipment
  • Added support for popular caching plugins
  • Improvements & bug fixes

4.3.1March 23, 2022

  • Bug fix with duplicated Jump to Recipe buttons

4.3.0March 23, 2022

  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements
  • New option: Expand/Collapse block sections in the editor (Settings > General > Editing)
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Bug fixes with comments & ratings
  • Hide gallery images when printing a recipe
  • Add icons to block sections in the editor
  • Fix gallery in directions in Elementor
  • Sort recipes by Rating


  • Minor bug fix with special characters and formatted text

4.2.0 March 3, 2022

  • New feature: Cook Mode – Keep the screen of your device on (see Settings > Miscellaneous)
  • Multiple bug fixes

4.1.1February 17, 2022

  • Fixed a bug with galleries from Directions in Safari

4.1.0February 15, 2022

  • Recipe Shortcode – insert a recipe anywhere you want using the new shortcodes.
  • Improvements to the Gallery feature from Directions
  • Added Rating Stars support in the Elementor
  • Add option to unlink a recipe from its parent
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements

4.0.2January 26, 2022

  • Fixed a bug when adding links in Notes or Description
  • Added Styling option in the “Insert Existing Recipe” widget in Elementor

4.0.1 January 22, 2022

  • Bug fix with the visibility of Recipe posts

4.0.0January 22, 2022

  • You can now view all your recipes created using Recipe Card Blocks on the All Recipes page. Managing your recipes or adding new ones has become much easier!
  • Added a new tool to collect all recipes from all posts and organize them in the new Recipes section
  • New block: Insert Existing Recipe- new block to insert a full recipe card quickly anywhere you want (in pages, posts, or Elementor)
  • New block: Insert Existing Recipe (summary) – a new block to embed a preview of one or more recipes at once

3.5.2January 5, 2022

  • Added adjustable servings to the Elementor widget

3.5.1November 30, 2021

  • Improvements to the Adjustable Servings feature

3.5.0 November 14, 2021

  • Added support for WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor (wpml-config.xml file)
  • Added Ingredients and Directions groups in Elementor widget
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fix with some translations not working


  • Change textdomain to match with plugin slug
  • Minor bug fix with links in recipes


  • Elementor Widget now includes all 4 Recipe Card Styles.
  • Bug fixes


  • Added Footer Call-to-actions in the Elementor widget (configurable from plugin settings)


  • Recipe Card Block is now available in Elementor!


  • Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 5.8
  • Recipe Card features like Print, Rating, Adjustable Servings are fully compatible with Elementor now
  • Added preview images for block styles
  • Fixed 404 error with Printing functionality
  • Improvements to automatic ingredients parser
  • Removed jQuery FitVids library in favor to use JS native script


  • Fixed an issue with Reusable Blocks and Elementor


  • Added possibility to change Nutrition Facts block title
  • Added compatibility with Reusable Blocks Extended to display Recipe Card Blocks in Other Page Builders (Elementor, Divi)
  • Fixed an issue with the Ratings feature


  • Added a new section in the Dashboard to display and manage user ratings (Recipe Card > Manage Ratings)
  • Multiple performance optimization
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed JSON-LD error caused by empty recipe steps
  • Added trailing slash at the end of Pinterest & Instagram URLs


  • Added FitVids.js to make videos responsive (Recipe Card Settings -> Performance)
  • Added a new option to disable the Pinterest script on your website (Recipe Card Settings -> Performance)
  • Added print functionality on the AMP pages
  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 5.6
  • Fixed issue with disallowed attribute classname present in HTML tag
  • Optimization improvements on pages where Recipe Card block is not used


  • Added option in Recipe Card -> Performance to load assets when needed (only on single pages or on all pages)
  • Added improvements to rating and fixed some issues
  • Removed call of function setcookie and use set_transient instead to prevent the warning: “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by”
  • Removed unneeded attributes “icon-name” & “iconset” from HTML markup to prevent AMP errors


  • Fixed issue with Recipe Card block to not display on front-end after Gutenberg update
  • Fixed hook when comment status is changed to update recipe card rating
  • Added some improvements and fixes to recipe card direction gallery


  • Added Recipe Rating in Comments
  • Fixed a bug with block styles for reusable blocks on front-end
  • Fixed a bug when block styles are missed on home or archive page


  • Fixed a conflict with Tasty Links plugin


  • Fixed issue with undefined index on print page
  • Ingredients display in one column on print page


  • 🆕 Added new design: Accent Color Header
  • Added AMP support
  • Added Block Alignment
  • When changing block alignment, the Header content alignment is changed too
  • Added Color Scheme panel in Block Settings
  • Added option called “NoPin” in Settings which prevent any images on the page that aren’t related to the content or aren’t good for Pinterest
  • Added improvements to Print and Pinterest icons, Use SVG instead of image
  • Added support for Additional CSS on print page
  • Added hook filter ‘wpzoom_rcb_block_json_ld’ to allow users to disable JSON-LD markup
  • Some improvements to Food Labels in Block Settings, now you can select labels from checkbox list
  • Fixed issue when ingredient amount number is converted to float number with “.00” at the end when adjust servings
  • Fixed issue when gallery image isSelected and action to move step up/down is triggered
  • Fixed issue “The behavior of unparenthesized expressions containing both ‘.’ and ‘+’/’-‘”


  • Fixed issue with Jump to Recipe and Print Recipe that are showing up on homepage as part of the excerpt


  • Added support for the new “Guided Recipes” in Structured Data
  • Fixed issue with blocks not showing in archive pages and RSS feeds


  • Fixed issue with redirect to 404 page when Print button is clicked
  • Fixed issue with link on Facebook Call to Action


  • Added Image Gallery & Image Lightbox features in Directions. Additional options can be found on the Settings page of the plugin.
  • Printing functionality was re-written and works differently now. This ensures printing will work from all devices and browsers without any problems
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed issue with Block Settings
  • Fixed issue with custom Serving Size unit for Nutrition Facts with Horizontal Layout


  • Added Food Labels (Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, etc.)
  • Added option to add custom Serving Size unit for Nutrition Facts
  • Added “spoon(s)” unit to parsing ingredient unit


  • Added Toggle option to set Resting Time field in custom details


  • Added Facebook to Call To Action (view Recipe Card Settings -> Appearance)
  • Added Resting Time value to Calculate Total Time
  • Fixed issue that causes to display wrong data (default value) for details in Recipe Card on Front-End
  • Fixed issue with undefined index isGroup


  • Fixed issue with the ingredients amount & unit to be visible in Structured Data


  • Added Instagram & Pinterest call to actions in the footer of the recipe card (see details in the Settings page)
  • Added new detail: Total Time
  • Multiple bug fixes & improvements


  • Added support for more ingredients units in the Bulk Add
  • Minor fixes in the responsive design


  • Fixed Pinterest custom image size issue
  • Fixed issue with multiple digits on adjustable servings
  • Fixed issue with parsing ingredient name while typing
  • Added button quantity increments for adjustable servings


  • Minor bug fix with Pinterest Custom Image not saving


  • Improvements to Ingredients: you can now specify amount and unit
  • New: Adjustable Servings. You can enable this option in Block options > Recipe Card Details.
  • Fixed a bug with Pinterest Custom Image
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements


  • 🔥 Added Nutrition Block with two Layouts (Vertical / Horizontal)
  • Added possibility to edit details labels from Block Settings, and also edit unit for Servings
  • Added possibility to add additional custom details from Block Settings
  • Added option to upload images for ingredients
  • GDPR: Added Privacy Policy template for Settings -> Privacy page
  • Added Reset Ratings action in Settings Page
  • Added option to set default color for rating stars in Settings Page
  • Added option to set Who can rate recipes (Only logged in or Everyone) in Settings Page
  • Numerous changes and improvements
  • Fixed issue with Database table for recipe ratings
  • Fixed issue to not include video attribute in Schema Markup if it’s not added to the block


  • Fixed a bug with star ratings not working when JS files are combined


  • Fixed a bug with Video Recipe schema markup
  • Added preview to some options in the Settings page


  • Initial release of the PRO version
  • Added Video Recipe feature in the block
  • Numerous changes and improvements; new admin menu
  • Fixed a conflict with Tasty Pins plugin

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