Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer WordPress Hosting?

No, we don't offer, but we have a few WordPress hosting recommendations listed here.

Can I customize the plugin?

Yes, there are many optimization options available in the settings page of the plugin.

Can I translate the plugin?

Yes. The plugin is localized (internationalized), and this allows you to translate it easily in any language. For more details read our tutorial on translating Recipe Card Block.

Will your plugin run on the latest version of WordPress?

Yes, our plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

How often is your plugin updated?

Each time a new version of WordPress is released, we check our plugin for compatibility with the new version, and we update it if this is required. Also we update our plugin any time we discover a bug or when a feature is added. All updates and new versions are free of charge for customers with an active license.

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What happens after 12 months?

If you want to continue having access to our Support Desk, Downloads and Plugin Updates, it's recommended to renew your license for as long as you plan to use the plugin.

Can I use your plugin after 12 months?

Yes, you can use all the plugin you’ve downloaded even after your annual support license has ended.

Can I upgrade my purchase?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time to any to a higher license. For more details contact us directly.