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With the new release of our new website, we think that now’s a good time to lay out our plans for Recipe Card Blocks PRO over this year.

Our team is pleased with the functionality of our plugin, but we’ve had some great suggestions from our community on new features that we’d love to implement. We can’t get to them all, but significant features such as Unit Conversion or Import/Export are definitely on the list.

Shipped (Q1-Q2/2022)

✅ Recipe Custom Post Type (read release note)
Keep recipes separate from posts to organize them easily in the future. This also brings the plugin closer to an import/export tool.

Cook Mode (prevent screen on mobile/tablet devices from going dark)

Recipe Equipment (read release note)

Recipe Roundups

Recipe Image Caption


Unit Conversion

Coming Soon

  • Equipment
  • Cook Mode (prevent screen on mobile/tablet devices from going dark)

Features for 2022-2023

  • Import/Export Recipes to/from other recipe plugins
  • Unit Conversion
  • Nutrition API
  • Equipment (possible with WooCommerce integration)
  • Recipe Taxonomy Archives (Difficulty, Cuisine, etc.)

Have a feature suggestion?

You can submit your idea on our Feature Requests page or start a new discussion on our Facebook Group.

P.S. We never know if things are going in the right direction and whether they will require a lot of work to implement specific features, so, unfortunately, nothing can be set in stone!

Last updated: October 25, 2022

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