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How to add Nutrition Information to your recipes

There are two ways to add Nutrition Facts using Recipe Card Blocks.

Nutrition Block

You can add a separate section showing the Nutrition Facts by adding the Nutrition block anywhere you want on a page or post:

This block works independently and doesn’t require a recipe to be added to the page, which means it’s also perfect for non-food blogs.

Nutrition Facts in Recipe Block

There is a newer way of displaying the Nutrition Facts at the end of a Recipe Block by enabling the Nutrition Facts option. This option is located in the Recipe Card Settings on the right:

The Nutrition information will appear at the end of the recipe block:

In the Nutrition Block, the % Daily Value will be automatically calculated and displayed.

To get accurate nutritional information for your recipes, we recommend our Recipe Calorie and Nutrition Calculator:

Recipe Calorie and Nutrition Calculator

recipe nutrion and calorie calculator
Last updated on May 14, 2024
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