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How to display Ads in the Recipe Card

The Recipe Card block includes multiple locations where you can place your ads.

You can do this from the Ads tab on the Settings page of the plugin:

This feature supports different ad formats:

– shortcodes
– Google Adsense, Amazon Ads, Mediavine, etc.

For best results, we recommend managing your ads, including Google Adsense, using a dedicated plugin like Advanced Ads or Ad Inserter.

Such plugins will generate a shortcode with each ad, so you can easily place it in the recipe block:

Recommended Ad Sizes

While in the most ad locations you can insert any ad size you want, for the ad next to the Ingredients we recommend the following sizes:

Ingredients Ad size:

– square: 300x300px or 250x250px
– skyscraper: 120x600px or 160x600px.

Last updated on March 21, 2024
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