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AMP Support ⚡️

Recipe Card Blocks plugin supports AMP.

Our plugin is compatible with the official AMP plugin and the AMP for WP plugin.

You can view a demo at this address:

When using the official AMP plugin, make sure to use it in the Reader mode:

You may also want to choose the AMP Legacy template which will be used for AMP pages. This will ensure AMP works fast and without any issues:

This AMP template is simple and can be customized from the Customizer > AMP:

If you’re looking for an AMP template with more features, such as a navigation menu, you may want to use the AMP for WP plugin instead.

Since AMP has very rigid rules for the CSS & JS code loaded on a page, please keep in mind that some functionalities of the recipe block might be limited in this mode. For example, the rating stars and the printing functionalities are limited as they rely on heave JavaScript code.

Last updated on March 21, 2024
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