Did you know that our plugin includes the needed markup to display your recipes on the Google Nest Hub?

Are you looking for real examples of websites using our plugin?

Below you can find a list of blogs using our plugin to add beautiful recipe cards with Schema markup in posts.

🥕 Instacart

The grocery-delivery platform Instacart uses recipe blog posts as a way to promote its services. We were happy to notice that the recipes are displayed with Recipe Card Blocks and take this as a sign of trust from the professionals in the food industry.

Recipe Example: https://www.instacart.com/company/ideas/light-greek-salad/

Tip: you can create a similar blog using our Gourmand theme.

1. Eat Up! Kitchen

You can find many recipes added using Recipe Card Blocks featuring the “New Design” style on this blog.

Website: https://eatup.kitchen

Recipe Example: https://eatup.kitchen/easy-hummus/

The theme in use on this blog is called Gourmand, and it was also developed by us. You can buy it from our WordPress theme shop WPZOOM.

2. Wendi’s Aip Kitchen

In this example, we have a nice website based on the Foodica theme, also created by us and available for purchase at WPZOOM.

Website: https://wendisaipkitchen.com

Recipe example: https://wendisaipkitchen.com/2021/12/09/spicy-ginger-beef-soup/

3. Det glade kjøkken

The happy kitchen (translated from Norwegian) is a blog that uses the Gourmand theme from WPZOOM. The author of this blog, Rolf-Anders, helped us with a lot of feedback to improve the plugin.

Website: https://detgladekjokken.no

Recipe example: https://detgladekjokken.no/oppskrift/kremet-torskepanne-med-cajun/

4. Cocktailwise

A well-organized website with cocktail recipes. The website is available in Dutch language and uses the Hello Elementor theme.

Website: https://cocktailwise.nl/

Cocktail recipe example: https://cocktailwise.nl/dark-n-stormy-recept/

Frie kaker

This is an example of a blog based on the Astra theme using Recipe Card Blocks:

More websites where you can see recipes created using our plugin:

Visit the demo website to see all available recipe card designs and different uses of the plugin.

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