Grow your Food Blog with Structured Data ( markup in Search Results

Get more visitors, better search rankings, and more social shares with Recipe Card Blocks - the best WordPress recipe plugin!

Your delicious recipes will include Schema markup, which lets search engines and social networks display information about your tasty recipes. This will increase clicks and shareability, giving you an easy way to grow your food blog.

Recipes with Schema markup
Unit Conversion

Unit Conversion

The conversion info is a must-have for any kitchen enthusiast. Let your readers convert recipes between US Customary and Metric units. Our recipe plugin for WordPress integrates an API that will automatically calculate for you the needed values.

Multiple Recipe Card Styles NEW

Choose your favorite Recipe Card style! No more boring and outdated designs that can turn your readers away.

Recipe Card Blocks includes 5 modern styles, with more coming in future updates.

Recipe Card Blocks Styles
WordPress Food Blog Themes

Our WordPress recipe plugin works with any theme!

When publishing recipes, they will be displayed perfectly, regardless of which WordPress theme you use. And with the PRO version of our recipe card plugin, you’ll be able to customize the colors to match your current theme or brand.

Need a new theme? Check out our themes Gourmand, Foodica and Cookely.

Elementor Integration

The Recipe Card widget for Elementor offers a simple way to add recipes anywhere you want on your website. This widget is designed to be highly customizable, so you can make it look exactly how you want it.

The Recipe Card widget for Elementor
recipe block

Easy to use for everyone

You don’t need any coding knowledge to create beautiful food blog recipes with Recipe Card Blocks! Creating your recipes is as easy as using any other blocks with the new block editor in WordPress. You’ll even get an instant preview of what your Recipe Cards will look like directly in the editor.

Built for WordPress & Elementor

Recipe Card Blocks is built with ease of use and WordPress block editor in mind: included blocks let you see exactly what your recipe will look like when published. Plus, you can change all the settings straight from the WordPress editor – with a live preview, so you know how it turns out.

recipe card for elementor
recipe block with star ratings

Star Rating

Who doesn’t like to be noticed on search results pages? With the rating stars appearing next to your recipes in the search results, your food blog definitely won’t be unnoticed!

Let your readers rate your recipes!

Recipe Roundups NEW

The Recipe Roundups feature in the PRO version of the Recipe Card Blocks plugin allows food bloggers to curate and showcase collections of recipes around specific themes, seasons, or ingredients. This feature makes it easy to organize and present grouped content that highlights your best recipes or explores a particular culinary trend.

recipe roundups block
recipe index block

Recipe Index Block NEW

A unique block, designed to enhance the organization and display of recipes on your WordPress site. This block serves as a powerful tool for food bloggers, culinary enthusiasts, and anyone looking to showcase their collection of recipes in a more structured and visually appealing manner.

Recipe Equipment

Display a list of utensils needed directly in the recipe block. Managing your inventory with cooking equipment is very easy. For example, you can quickly update the image or the affiliate link used for a specific item in multiple recipes at once.

recipe equipment
nutrition facts block

Nutrition Facts

Whether you’re a food blogger or nutritionist, you can add useful scientific information about your recipes. You can fill out nutrition values directly in the recipe block or add a separate block called Nutrition Facts to display the information on any page you want.

Footer Call-to-action

You can add in the footer of all your recipes captivating call-to-actions to promote your profiles or hashtags on the following social networks: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Everything is fully editable, and you can control which call-to-actions to display or not.

recipe social footer

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