Recipe Submission is a new feature added in version 5.1.0.

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This feature is available in Professional and Business plans. If you have a Starter plan for the PRO version, you can upgrade your license by paying the difference to get access to additional features.

After activating your license key, you can enable this feature in the Submissions tab on the Settings page:

Once the feature is enabled, you can create a new page and add the Recipe Submission Form block to it:

Managing Recipe Submissions

When a visitor submits a recipe to your website, you will be notified by email, and you’ll see a new section called Recipe Submissions:

If you have enabled email notifications for site admins in the Submissions tab, you will be notified every time you receive a new submission:

By default, all submissions are saved as drafts in the Recipe Submissions section. You can edit and approve them. Once a submitted recipe is approved, it will be available in the list with All Recipes, and you can insert it in a new blog post just like you did before with other recipes written by you.

Don’t forget to give credit to the person who submitted the recipe to your website!