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Support Policy: What’s covered and when it’s available

The following is an easy-access summary. For the full details, please see our terms and conditions.

Support policy

The support aims to ensure your experience using your plugin is as pleasant and easy as possible. We have a huge bank of documentation and our support desk is open to all our customers. However,  our support only covers the standard functionality of the plugin.

We don’t offer support for the installation, customization, or administration of WordPress itself, nor do we provide any support for 3rd party WordPress plugins and themes. Issues with plugins should be raised with the plugin author, and the Extend forums can help with any WordPress-related issues.

Furthermore, whilst we will do everything we can to ensure your plugin works as advertised, we won’t help with customization for functionality not already in the plugin.

We are happy to provide support with:

✔ supported

  • Installing your purchased plugin;
  • Setting up your plugin to work like the demo;
  • Minor modification, like colors or fonts for existing elements;
  • Changes of alignment for different elements;
  • Adding Custom CSS code not more than 10 lines;
  • Remove a non-customizable feature from the plugin;
  • Fixing a bug or a plugin conflict/incompatibility (depending on plugin’s complexity);

We are not able to provide support for:

✖  not supported (changes that involve writing more than ~20 lines of code or modifications in multiple files)

  • Extensive plugin customization;
  • Change the layout of the plugin;
  • Change the location of an element in the plugin;
  • Add one or more features that are not included in the plugin by default;
  • Adding a new color scheme;
  • Issues relating to hosting or servers
We frequently go above and beyond to make sure customers get the help they need. Please note, however, that our Support is intended to provide assistance with the plugin rather than a service to customize your website. You should not expect to receive excessive customization assistance.
For paid customization services we recommend Codeable.
Have something in mind and still can’t decide if it’s a minor or extensive modification? Contact us!

Support schedule

All of our documentation is available 24/7!

Our support desk is checked multiple times a day during standard working days (Monday to Friday) and tickets will be replied to in the order they are received. Our team is located in Europe (GMT+2), and we typically work 9am – 5pm, so please bear this in mind when creating support tickets. We do aim to reply to all tickets within 24-48 hours, however.

On occasion we’ll provide support at weekends, but please do not expect a fast turn-around on Saturday or Sunday.

Last updated on May 30, 2022
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