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What’s New: Recipe Card Blocks PRO v4.4.0

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Since our last release notes, we’ve released 4 major updates to the PRO version.

In this post, we’ll look at the new features available in our recipe plugin and how they can help you grow your food blog.

Recipe Card Blocks PRO v4.4.0

Recipe Equipment

Finally, you can display a list of utensils needed to cook a specific recipe using Recipe Card Blocks PRO.

Recipe Equipment

Items in the inventory can be easily managed. For example, you can quickly update the affiliate link used for a specific item in multiple recipes at once.

Recipe Equipment management

View Equipment Demo

Cook Mode

Cook Mode

Cook Mode is a new feature added recently in the PRO version.

Using this feature, you can let visitors on mobile devices prevent their screens from going to sleep when viewing recipes on your website.

The Cook Mode feature keeps your device’s screen on while following the recipe directions.

Recipe Shortcode

Recipes created using Recipe Card Block can be inserted anywhere you want.

No matter what page builder or editor you use, copy the shortcode of a recipe and insert it easily in the content of a post or a page.

Of course, if you’re using Gutenberg or Elementor, it probably makes more sense to use the dedicated block and Elementor widget created for these editors.

Otherwise, you can insert a recipe using the recipe shortcode in other page builders such as Divi, Visual Composer, or Beaver Builder.

UI Improvements

Better navigation in the Settings page

The plugin’s settings page has been slightly redesigned to provide a better experience when making adjustments to the plugin.

The tabs with sections are located at the top now, which looks great on all devices.

Icons for Block Settings

We’ve added some nice icons next to each section from the block settings.

You may notice that all sections are now closed by default, but if you prefer them to be expanded like before, that’s possible too.

You can find the option to change this behavior at the bottom of the General settings:

We hope that this update will help you grow your food blog and publish new recipes more efficiently!

If you haven’t upgraded to the PRO version yet, check what other great features our recipe plugin includes.

If you’re curious to know what other features will be added soon to our plugin, make sure to check the plugin’s roadmap page. You can also submit your ideas to the Feature Requests page or start a new discussion on our Facebook Group.

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