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Recipe Card Blocks 4.0 Released & 10.000+ Active Installs Milestone!

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Recipe Card Blocks 4.0

Today our plugin reached a significant milestone! The free version of Recipe Card Blocks has hit 10.000+ active installations on

That’s a big achievement for us, and we’re thankful to all the users, especially those who believed in our plugin from the early days.

At the end of 2021, we promised that we would be working on a major update for our plugin. Today, we’re happy to announce the version 4.0 release of Recipe Card Blocks PRO. This is to celebrate the milestone hit by the plugin and also to ensure that we keep our promises.

The new version is now available for all the users; just make sure to hit the Update button!

What’s new in Recipe Card Blocks PRO 4.0 (or 3.0 for free version)?

Manage your Recipes from one place

We’ve created a separate section in the Dashboard where you can create new recipes or view the existing ones:

This new feature allows you to view and edit your existing recipes, as well as create new ones on the same page.

After updating to the new version, make sure to scan all the posts for recipes. This way, all the recipes created with Recipe Card Blocks on your website will appear in the All Recipes section.

In the future, when you’ll make updates to a recipe from the All Recipes page, the changes will apply everywhere that recipe is displayed.

New Gutenberg Blocks!

We’ve added two new blocks in the PRO version:

  • Insert Existing Recipe
  • Insert Existing Recipe (summary)

Both these blocks will help you display your recipes in more sections on your website.

Scenario 1: Creating a list with seasonal recipes

Using the new Insert Existing Recipe (summary) block, you can quickly insert short excerpts in any post or page with previously created recipes.

This is a handy method to promote your old recipes in new posts.

View Demo →

Scenario 2: Insert an existing recipe in multiple posts or pages (using Gutenberg or Elementor)

With the Insert Existing Recipe block, you can easily insert a specific recipe anywhere you want on your website: in a new post, on a page created with Elementor, etc.

Think of the multiple ways you can use shortcodes or reusable blocks. You can even achieve similar results using the Insert Existing Recipe block in Gutenberg and with the widget with the same name in Elementor:

We hope that this update will help you grow your food blog and publish new recipes more efficiently!

If you haven’t upgraded to the PRO version yet, make sure to check what other great features our recipe plugin includes.

If you’re curious to know what other features will be added soon to our plugin, make sure to check the plugin’s roadmap page. You can also send your ideas or requests by email or start a new discussion in our Facebook Group.

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