What happens when my license expires after 12 months?

If you do not renew your license you will no longer have access to download the plugin, updates or receive technical support. You are free to continue using the plugin for as long as you like on your websites.

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Are the licenses valid for a lifetime?

Yes, you can use our products on your website even if your annual license expires. However, in order to receive access to updates and support you’ll need to renew your annual license.

How do I renew my license?

You will be sent a notification email 7 days prior to the license expiration date. You can also find a renewal link on the “Licenses” page

What do I receive when renewing my license?

Renewing your license provides an additional year of support and updates to your product. This ensures compatibility with newer versions of WordPress, as well as potential new features and enhancements to the product itself.

Why do I need to renew my license every year?

License renewals pay for the ongoing updates and support. If sales slow down, we can depend on renewals to keep things moving in the right direction.

Please Remember: License renewals are required for continued updates and support, but if you’re happy with the current version of the plugin when your renewal time comes up, you can just keep using it and not have to renew. If an update comes out that you have to have, or you need technical support, you can renew at a later date.

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