Getting started

How to Create a Recipe Index using the Recipe Index Block

The PRO version of the plugin includes a powerful Recipe Index Block, which you can use on your pages to create beautiful lists or grids with recipes:

Once you add this block to a page, it will show your most recent blog posts that include recipe cards in them. The block includes many settings in the right sidebar, and you can easily customize the grid as you want:

Recipes are missing in the Recipe Index!

If your Recipe Index block is not showing some or any recipes at all, it means that your Recipe Cards don’t have a blog post assigned as the parent post:

This can be fixed quickly by editing recipe cards without a parent post, and you can assign one manually using the option available in the Recipe Card Post Details section:

Just search for a blog post where the current recipe card is inserted and assign that post as the parent. Now this recipe card will be connected to its parent posts and it will appear in the Recipe Index.

Last updated on July 9, 2024
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